Whether or not you have had gardening experience yourself, the word “garden” may invoke images of herbs in a backyard, carefully pruned rose bushes in a front yard, or meticulously maintained ornamental bushes. So what is the difference between those gardens and a botanical garden?

While a garden is a very general term that includes a broad range of plant growing, botanical gardens are a purposeful collection of plants grown for more than just their beauty. Botanical gardens hold curated collections of plants for inventory, education, conservation, and research. The UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens partakes in all of these aspects of being a botanical garden. We are a member of the American Public Gardens Association (APGA) and are dedicated to sharing the world of plants with people through our curated collections.

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square hibiscus lantanaWho works here? How do I contact them? Find out that information here. Our staff is happy to answer your questions and loves connecting people and plants.

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If you are considering taking our classes, read about our talented instructors. While some of our staff are instructors, our instructors also come from other universities and institutions. Curious students and perspective students can learn about instructors’ backgrounds and specialties before enrolling in any courses.









square field botany tripCompared to other universities’ botanical gardens, UNC Charlotte’s Botanical Gardens’ history is unusual and shows how a small number of dedicated people can make great things grow. That history is also the foundation for our future. We are always looking to improve and grow our gardens, making our place in the Charlotte community unique and robust.








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