The Plants We Eat

About The Plants We Eat: From apples and artichokes to digitalis and peyote, our world is full of amazing plants that we interact with on a daily basis. This greenery can sustain us, intoxicate us, cure us of disease, and even kill us. Join us as we investigate the surprising history, biology, and culture behind The Plants We Eat.

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I know, it doesn’t sound tasty at all, but if you’re a vegetarian looking for BBQ then this big guy is about as good as it gets!


It’s great to be back! Let’s start with a sticky little (okay, big) legume with a big flavor profile!

Silkworm Pupae

Cows provide us with leather and meat, but use a lot of grass, grain, and water. Silkworms provide us with silk and silkworm pupae, and all it costs are a few mulberry leaves!

Black Soldier Fly

No meal is complete without maggots…


Beetles…not just for breakfast anymore!


The first in a short series that we’re calling The Bugs We Eat. Sure it seems gross, but they’re actually pretty good!

Marsh Mallow

Yes, Marsh Mallows are a real thing — and no, those fluffy white clouds you are placing into your hot cocoa are not real marshmallows.


How did it take us so long to get to The King of Fruits?


Don’t eat the berries! But the leaves….well, as long they’re from the proper holly they’re not bad at all!

Prickly Pear

A delicious snack once you get past the sharp bits!