Become a Member of the Botanical Gardens

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Members of the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens receive numerous benefits such as special plants, discounted educational programs, and early access to yearly plant sales, but more importantly, by becoming a Member of the Gardens you are demonstrating your commitment to bringing the world of plants to the people of Charlotte and the surrounding region.

If you have visited the Botanical Gardens and come away refreshed, inspired, or even more prepared to start or improve your own garden, then consider supporting the gardens through membership. As a Member you can take pride in knowing that you are supporting the gardens you love for yourself and future visitors. Through our membership benefits, supporting the Botanical Gardens can also help support your own garden.

Membership is tax deductible and last for one year from the date of your purchase. 

Basic Individual Membership $45/year

The Basic Individual Membership allows you to be a Member of the Botanical Gardens for less than $50. With a Basic Individual Membership you will receive:

  • Early Access to UNC Charlotte Botanical Garden Plant Sales
  • 10% Discount at UNC Charlotte Botanical Garden Plant Sales
  • Discounted Classes and Workshops
  • Special Native Plant (distributed once a year at the Fall Plant Sale)
  • Free or discounted admission to nearly 360 public gardens throughout North America (see information on the Reciprocal Admissions Program below)
  • 10% off Plant Health Care & Fertilization Services at Bartlett Tree Experts (membership must be presented prior to invoicing)
  • 10% Discount at local garden centers: Dearness Garden Center, Bird House on the Green
  • 5% discount at King’s Nursery

Basic Family Membership $60/year

With Family Membership all members of your family receive all benefits of Basic Membership and free admission to family programs. For only $15 more than a Basic Membership, you can share your love of the Botanical Gardens with your family members at no cost. Since native plants are limited, only one Special Native Plant per family is given.

Gold Membership $150/year

If you are fortunate enough to be able to show your love for the Botanical Gardens through a greater contribution, the Gold Membership can provide you with more benefits. The Gold Membership offers all of the Basic Family Benefits, plus 15% off at the Botanical Garden’s plant sales, a private tour of the Gardens, and a free subscription to Fine Gardening Magazine

Green Membership $300/year

This generous contribution rewards you with Green Membership benefits. These benefits include everything that the Gold Membership offers, plus a book written and signed by the Director, or an unsigned book by the Director Emeritus.

Supporting Photographer Membership $150/year

For more information, click here.

 Basic Individual MembershipBasic Family MembershipGold MembershipGreen Membership
Discounted Educational Programs and Classes ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Free Special Native Plant given out at the Fall Plant Sale -one per family  ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Early Access to Spring and Fall Plant Sales ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
10% off Plant Health Care & Fertilization Services at Bartlett Tree Experts (membership must be presented prior to invoicing) ✔ ✔ ✔
10% Discount at Participating Local Garden Centers ** ✔ ✔ ✔
10% Discount at the Botanical Garden’s Plant Sales  
Private Tour of the Gardens   ✔
Free Subscription to Fine Gardening Magazine   ✔
15% Discount at the Botanical Garden’s Plant Sales   ✔
A book written and signed by the Director, or an unsigned book by the Director Emeritus   

** — Valid membership card MUST be presented at time of purchase. (Please e-mail if you do not have your membership card and we will send you a new card)

Dearness Garden Center, Bird House on the Green,  King’s Nursery (5% discount)

We are now participating in the American Horticultural Society Reciprocal Admissions Program. The following guidelines for members to enjoy the Reciprocal Admissions Program are also included in the printed RAP Guides and on the RAP website,

We recommend that you call all gardens ahead of time before you plan your visit. Some gardens have exclusions for special events or exhibits, or if you live within 90 miles of the garden (see the 90-mile Exclusion below), etc. Each garden has its own unique admissions policies, special events, and hours of operation, which is also why we recommend checking ahead of time to get the most up to date information.

-Present your current membership card or proof of membership at the admissions counter or gift shop to receive the RAP benefit(s) listed for that garden.  Each card will only admit the individual(s) whose name is listed on the card.  In the case of a family, couple, or household membership card that does not list individual names, the garden must extend the benefit(s) to at least two of the members. It is at the garden’s discretion to extend benefits to more than two individuals. Some gardens may require a photo ID.

-Remember that the gardens you visit rely on admissions and donations to maintain their collections and gardens for all to enjoy. Please support them by visiting their gift shops or making a contribution.

-Be sure to check each garden’s listing to determine the benefits offered.

The 90-mile Exclusion allows gardens to exclude members of other gardens within 90 miles of them from receiving their reciprocal benefit(s) unless the gardens mutually agree to lift the exclusion. For AHS members, the exclusion is based on their home address. Please contact the garden you belong to or the garden you plan to visit to inquire about this guideline.

Please contact with any questions.