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square prunus mumeBecome a Garden Steward, enjoy benefits, and know that your support means we are growing. Stewardship provides you with rewards such as discounts at participating garden centers, at our plant sales, and on selected educational programs.
The Botanical Gardens relies on the generosity of its supporters for most of its operational funds. If you love the gardens and have the ability to become a steward, please take a look at the benefits of contributing.


square elizabeth volunteering in glen nov 07Volunteering is another way that the Botanical Gardens relies on the generosity of its supporters. Keeping the gardens healthy and thriving requires many hours of work, but split among our volunteers it is a task that has always been accomplished, creating the gorgeous landscape all visitors enjoy.
Volunteers work short, flexible hours and become a part of our community. In addition to spending time with other plant lovers, volunteers enjoy watching the fruits of their labor in the gardens and learning about specific plants.  Interested in learning more?


Want to see exactly where your donation is going? You can order something for the Gardens off of our Wishlist! See the list here

Memorial Opportunities

The Botanical Gardens are a beautiful location to honor those we love, and we offer several options for remembrance, including benches, picnic tables, and memorial trees. Click here for more information. 




In addition to membership and volunteering, donations keep the Botanical Gardens operating and improving. All donations are tax-deductible, and there are options from project-focused gifts to planned giving. To learn more, please contact Director Jeff Gillman.