The Plants We Eat

About The Plants We Eat: From apples and artichokes to digitalis and peyote, our world is full of amazing plants that we interact with on a daily basis. This greenery can sustain us, intoxicate us, cure us of disease, and even kill us. Join us as we investigate the surprising history, biology, and culture behind The Plants We Eat.

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Passion Fruit

The most amazing flower you will ever see, and a tasty fruit too!


It makes your muscles big….kinda.


Gluten Free means Flat Cookies


An Asian plant that isn’t really grown in Asia that much anymore.


Is it a seed or a sports drink?


For our 50th podcast — Should we care whether a food is genetically modified? The short answer is yes. The long answer is quite a bit more complicated.


If it weren’t for genetically modified papaya we might not have papaya at all.


A tasty little fruit that takes dozens if not hundreds of children’s lives every year.


And for our last podcast of season 2, a (very) oldie but goodie!

Paw Paw

What fruit is native to the United States, tastes oddly tropical, and is about as popular as eating mud? Yep, you got it — the Paw Paw.